Hey guys! Sitting in a Riad in Marrakech right now, escaping the heat and hustle of the city. It’s amazing here and there is definitely a magic about the place but it is tiring in such heat. Being here as a tourist, or at least looking like one, is hard and we are constantly being hastled for money. Tomorrow is the start of our trek into the mountains, starting with a stay beside the Ouzoud falls. I can’t wait to get away from the city and be back with nature again.
Yesterday some good news from home awaited me on my return from the city square; my friend who works as a performer at festivals is 2 dancers down and needs me to help her with her show at boom festival. I think I’ll be doing fire hoop and walk about performance, maybe with some work on stage. Who knows but either way if you see me spinning all dressed up and looking like a fairy then pop over and say a big hello!!!!! I would love
To meet any of you who are gonna be there. If not I’ll put a note on the message board with a time and a place for a big tumblr meet up, maybe at the healing space on the Saturday or something. I’ll put up something bright and colourful with my name on here and in reality.
I hope you are all doing well, I miss your love and laughter and will do my best to update when I have a real computer, not a silly little awkward iphone hehe.

Love and light my dears. Xoxoxoxoxox Annie

  1. wildlingoreiad said: You really remind me of a close friend of mine who I haven’t seen in a long time. She also travveled in morrocco, and I have always longed to. Have a wonderful time!
  2. emilyempty said: heyyy i know we’ve not ever communicated on tumblr but i will be at Boom and if i see you or if there is a tumblrr meet i will definitely come over + say hi :) It’s gonna be amazing!!!
  3. steellotus said: I miss you! Come back soon! It’s great to hear you’re doing well! :)
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