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Samhuinn 2013 - Clownin’ !


Samhuinn 2013 <3 Mreeeow!


My average weekend. Lovely people, mental costumes <3

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Photos of Samhuinn 2013 by Heidi Korkala of Photo Point.

Look what we did on Thursday night :) See if ya can spot me (black and white ….) xx Happy Samhuinn!



This picture scares me so much. It is literally the inside of my head, it portrays mental illness so well and accurately that it actually scares me. I saw the caption saying the bottom-left one is anxiety but I think it’s suicide. I had the exact same look on my face when I was contemplating whether to take the pills or not, you can see the feeling of no hope and giving up on life. Depression in the top-left. The creepy smile portrays perfectly how evil and horrible depression is, like it’s out to get you and destroy your life. Anorexia next to depression. They have the same smile, like it’s happy it’s completely ruining you. The eyes on both of them show pure wickedness but also that they’re enjoying it, and they’re staring right at you. Bulimia next to the fridge. The face is exactly what I look like trying to eat as much food as I can but also on the verge of tears at the same time. The closed eyes and tongue make me think of all the times I’ve looked like that, like a pig. Self harm on the bottom right. Closest to me, always whispering and telling me to cut. The same eyes and creepy smile of depression and anorexia, it wants me to cut. It will laugh, put me down and destroy me so I do cut. Then there’s me. In the middle of them all. Having to constantly listen to all of them all day, telling me to do what they want, putting me down, hurting me. And not being able to do anything about it. I can’t escape what’s in my mind.



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Old photo that I really like. Looks like a different person… So strange.




Nest - Robot Hugs

I know a few people on here I would do this for.

This is so spot on. Ralph tries really hard to help me through times when I feel like this but he hasn’t quite cottoned on that I don’t KNOW what I want or how I feel and sometimes a shoulder or someone to hold space is the most precious thing he could give. It is hard to see a loved one feel this way and enter this kind of space, you can feel hopeless or useless. Simple things help x

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I am really missing India today… xx

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no dreads…