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Dreads are getting long….

Morning time :) 


Into the Wild…

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I’m terribly indecisive at the moment. Dreads are back in, don’t like fringes. Still upside down but the world looks pretty good at this angle  I like being a little bit bonkers, maybe I should just give up with this job search malarky and join the circus! It doesn’t take much for me to get out of a hole now that I know such amazing incredible people!! You guys are the bestestest. xxxxx


FRINGE! I’ll be happy stroking my little bit of hair again, I did miss it’s softness a bit. Now I defo look Spanish   xox 

Tattoos and coin belts <3


Indian buses <3

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Long Island, Andaman Islands, India. Beach times <3


Henna in Goa <3


Estepona, Spain <3

Morning walks beside the sea…

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I am happy today :)

Just found these, at least I can laugh about it now! While we were staying on Little Andaman Island (part of the Andaman Islands off the east coast of India) We ventured round the coast from our guesthouse to a long stretch of beach with epic waves and lots of surfers. The rip here was fairly harsh and the waves coming into the shore swooped back pulling the water into a large powerful body that would crash onto the sand at the sea’s edge. We decided this would be a great place to swim…. Ralph went in, I followed and was subsequently knocked off my feet. Even though my intuition was screaming “don’t go in the water!” I slowly edged myself towards the sea. Right as a wave came crashing down at my legs, I turned to my side and the water hit and crashed onto my left knee forcing my leg to bend to the right at a 90 degree angle. It was horrific! I managed to hop out onto the beach and with the reassurance of Ralph I popped it back in, easier than I had imagined it would be. I then spent the rest of our stay in India on bamboo crutches, that Ralph craftily built for me so that I could hobble elegantly from the loo to the hut. For 2 weeks I hopped, wobbled, crawled and dragged my way through buses, trains, airplanes, streets, hotels and fields determined to enjoy the last leg our my journey in India. Fucking hell it was funny! 

And I am nearly all healed now so back to morning yoga sessions, hooping in the sunshine and dancing to reggae :) Life is good again, but I learned how to slow down, take time with my thoughts and actions and plan for a change. It was definitely a little lesson I was in need of so Thankyou!

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