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A collection of shots from Boom festival, with the incredible Faedalites. Oncein a lifetime…. magic

I am selling this truely awesome UV reactive hand painted shirt, to help raise money for my travels to India in July. I am asking £16 for the shirt and postage/packaging is as follows:

UK - £3

Europe - £4

Any other country - £5

It is a size S/M, 8 UK, 36 EU.

I am trying to get this sold asap and I only have one shirt, making it totally unique, original and one of a kind! First come first serve my beautiful forest friends. If you would like to offer me any more for the shirt, as a donation towards my trip, then it would be really kind and much appreciated with all my love and happiness! All orders come with a little surprise from me and some good vibes and loving smiles all through the cosmos.

Love to you all !! Namaste, In Lak’ech, peace and light!!

Annie <3

Time stretch - System Overload

My new drape is finally complete! Ready just in time for the event on friday :) Love and light

"Spiritrance Meditation"…something new with some colour…at last! :) Hope you enjoy <3

evolve shirt by Lucid Optic Lab on Flickr.

What a great shirt :)

Dub Tek - Life on Earth ›

A beautiful collection of universally inspirational and magical sounds from beautiful Ralph Stokes and Izzy finch. The whole album is up on yuotube for free to listen to and love, and if you really love and support his work please buy his CD. :) love and light


“Lucid Reality Color” by abysmalfire

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In Lak’ech : I am another you

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Ayahuasca visions por Felix Pinchi Aguirre

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~Lotus Lake

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The universes within.

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